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Life is a crazy thing; at this point, nothing at all would surprise me. As the saying goes, the more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing. And I’ve been digging earnestly for over 6 years, having had some deep existential questions since then. Something about reality as we know it seemed off to me even before then, and it seemed like a strange concept. The whole awareness / consciousness thing. So I discovered that religion wasn’t going to answer any of my questions very early on, maybe around 12, and I’ve been digging soon after. Once you get past the initial shock, dismay, and realization that most of your core, fundamental assumptions about reality are wrong, you can move on. As nothing is what it seems. I always felt that we were so much more than we are ‘allowed’ to be. The base emotional response, and the constant thinking inside the box, never made sense to me. I didn’t want what mankind offered, and I later discovered that what I wanted was true freedom, enlightenment, a way to follow true good, and not what we’ve been programmed to think is “good”. To spend more quality time with family, friends and loved ones. I love humanity, but not how most humans behave. They seem so stuck in these loops. If what I found out over the years is true, then that makes sense. So I have to wonder why the programming doesn’t seem to work as well on some of us. Those of us who consistently ask “why?” and always think way outside the box. Who don’t follow along with what’s expected of us when it makes no sense (which is most of the time). And the internet has shown that there’s a lot more of us than any of us ever realized. So I decided to share my journey with the world and contribute my part in the awakend community. I have no idea what the solutions are, aside from not participating in the various systems whenever possible and share Information. But remembering to love each other and not fall into the traps of despair, hatred, or fighting others over ideological differences should help. Keep those negative emotions and responses at bay. We must keep hope & optimism alive, however difficult that is at times

The Quality of the Information we can acess determines our collective thoughts, which determines our decision-making-processes, which in the end determines our collective reality we live in.

You will find here in the future in-depth articles about themes like conspiracy analysis, disclosure, ufo’s, secret societys, paranormal phenomena, consciousness, health, science and history.

Have fun and share the message!


„Remember, all I’m offering is the truth…nothing more.“

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